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Getting Started With Your Minecraft Server (Java)

Logging In

When you complete your order, you'll receive a separate email with details on how to create your account for our control panel,

Click the Setup Your Account button to create a password and begin using your server.

Finding Your Server IP

Once logged in, on the homepage you will see your server IP:

Make sure to enter the port number at the end after : when connecting to your server.

Starting Your Server

On the Console page, press the Start button to begin using your server.

Make sure to accept the EULA after starting the server:

Connecting to Your Server

Copy your server IP from the homepage of the server management system.

Add a new server in Minecraft with that IP, the name can be anything you like

Click on ‘Done’ and that’s it! You have successfully added the connection to your server.

Changing Your Server Version

You can select and change your server version in the Configuration > Advanced menu.

Uploading Your Own World

Installing Plugins

Installing A Modpack

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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