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How do I set a password on my Minecraft server?

By default, all Minecraft servers are open to the world so that all players can easily connect. It is not possible to set a password on a Minecraft server, but you can set the server up so that only whitelisted player usernames can connect.

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To set a password on your Minecraft server, you can use server management tools or modify the server configuration files directly. Here are general steps to set a password:

Server Management Tools:

Many server management tools, such as Bukkit, Spigot, or Paper, provide plugins that allow you to set up a password. Here are the general steps using a plugin:

Install the plugin: Download the plugin from the official website or a trusted source. Place the plugin JAR file in the "plugins" folder of your server.
Configure the plugin: Check the plugin documentation for information on how to configure it. Usually, you'll find a configuration file in the "plugins" folder where you can set the password.
Restart the server: After configuring the plugin, restart your Minecraft server for the changes to take effect.

Server Configuration Files:

If you're not using a server management tool with plugins, you can directly modify the server properties in the file. Here's how:

Locate the file in your Minecraft server directory.
Open the file using a text editor.
Look for the line that says online-mode=true and change it to online-mode=false. This disables online mode, allowing players to join without a valid Minecraft account.
Optionally, set a password by adding the following line to the file:

Replace username1, username2, etc., with the Minecraft usernames of the players who should be able to join.

Save the file.

Restart the server for the changes to take effect.

Keep in mind that setting a password or disabling online mode may expose your server to potential security risks, as players can join with any username. If you're running a public server, it's generally recommended to use online mode and rely on the server's built-in authentication. If you're setting up a private server for friends, using a whitelist might be a more secure option. Always ensure that your server is up-to-date and follow best security practices.

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Updated on: 05/01/2024

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