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Why Is My Rust Server Not Showing Up On The Ingame List?

Rust servers are automatically added to the in-game list. For some people it can show up within a few minutes whereas others may find it takes a few days. Before completing these steps make sure you have checked the community as well as modded tabs. If you are still having issues here are some steps you can try to help remedy the problems.

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Shorten the server name - A very long name or name with special characters will sometimes not show up, Try to avoid over the top names and use generic keyboard characters.
Keep your rust version up to date - Automatic updates for server versions aren't done on forcewipe. Make sure your server version is always updated to the latest. If oxide is enabled that should automatically update on server boot.
Update any mods / plugins you are running on the server. - If there is a new version of a mod / plugin make sure the latest version is on the server.
Wait for the game to get indexed Generally it is best to wait 3 - 5 days to see if the server gets indexed by the game.

Keep in mind the rust server list only has a limited capacity of servers it can show so yours may not always show up.

If you are still facing issues you may want to try connecting to your server directly via IP which is shown in our getting started guide found here

For any other questions or queries you can contact us via live chat on the bottom right of the page!

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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