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How to Install Plugins on Your Rust Server

Logging In

When you complete your order, you'll receive a separate email with details on how to create
your account for our control panel, ​​.

Click the Setup Your Account button to create a password and begin using your server.

Finding Your Server IP

Once logged in, Navigate to Server details

Under Server Info you will see your IP.

Make sure to enter the port number at the end after : when connecting to your server.

Starting Your Server

On the Console page, press the Start button to begin using your server.

Installing Oxide

Navigate to your Empower Servers control panel, Once there click configuration followed by startup parameters and enable OxideMod by changing it to 1.

Make sure to restart your server on the control panel home page to completely install Oxide.

Downloading and Installing The Plugin

You will need to navigate to and find the plugin you wish to install (make sure its for rust)

Once it has been downloaded you will need to install it by going to the 'Management' tab and select 'File Management'

Click 'oxide'

Click 'plugins'

Upload your desired plugin to the folder

Once the plugin has been uploaded to this folder you will need to restart the server if it is already running.
After this you're all good to go! Just make sure any extra configuration that is needed is done!

Updated on: 27/01/2022

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