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How to Change Your Rust Server Image

Logging In

When you complete your order, you'll receive a separate email with details on how to create
your account for our control panel, ​​.

Click the Setup Your Account button to create a password and begin using your server.

Finding Your Server IP

Once logged in, Navigate to Server details

Under Server Info you will see your IP.

Make sure to enter the port number at the end after : when connecting to your server.

Starting Your Server

On the Console page, press the Start button to begin using your server.

Preparing The Image

Please note there are a few requirements for your image.
The image must either be a .png or .jpg
The image will need to either be sized to either 512x256 or 1024x512

Hosting The Image

The image you use needs to be able to be directly accessed via URL. For this you can use free image hosting websites like imgur or dropbox. Although we do recommend using dropbox for image hosting as that is where you should face the least issues with the image being accessible.

If using dropbox and the URL provided ends in dl=0 please change that to dl=1 so that the image is able to download automatically.

Changing The Image

Make sure your server is OFF before starting this process

Go to 'Management' tab and select 'File Management'

Select 'server'

Select 'rust'

Select 'cfg'

Open server.cfg (or create it if you dont have it)

Inside the server.cfg file add the following line:
server.headerimage "Image Url"

Now save the file.

Once this line is added you are free to restart your server, please also make sure you restart your game as sometimes the image won't show for you if the image is just recently changed and your game hasn't been restarted.

Updated on: 10/02/2022

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