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How to Enable Rust+ on Your Server

Logging In

When you complete your order, you'll receive a separate email with details on how to create
your account for our control panel, ​​.

Click the Setup Your Account button to create a password and begin using your server.

Finding Your Server IP

Once logged in, Navigate to Server details

Under Server Info you will see your IP.

Make sure to enter the port number at the end after : when connecting to your server.

Starting Your Server

On the Console page, press the Start button to begin using your server.

Rust+ Setup

You will need to contact our live chat for an additional port as one is required for the Rust+ app.

Make sure your server is OFF before starting this process

Go to 'Management' tab and select 'File Management'

Select 'server'

Select 'rust'

Select 'cfg'

Open server.cfg (or create it if you dont have it)

In server.cfg you will need to add two things as shown below
app.port (Any port assigned above 10000)
app.publicip (your server IP)

As of 2022, the Rust+ port is now required to be in the 10000 port range. Most of our Rust servers already have at least one such port assigned to them. Go to the Management>Allocations tab on the Control Panel to check your allocated ports, and use the port on the 10000 range to configure Rust+

Once completed startup your server and you should be able to pair your Rust+ App with your server.

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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