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Respiration In Minecraft

Respiration is an enchantment in Minecraft that extends underwater breathing time, making it a vital tool for underwater exploration and adventure. This helpdesk article addresses the most commonly asked questions about the Respiration enchantment to help players maximize its benefits.

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What is Respiration in Minecraft?

Respiration is an enchantment that can be applied to helmets. It extends the amount of time players can breathe underwater, reducing the rate at which the air supply depletes. This enchantment is particularly useful for underwater activities like exploring ocean monuments, underwater ruins, or engaging in long-term underwater construction projects.

How Do I Get the Respiration Enchantment?

Respiration can be obtained through several methods:
- Enchanting Table: Place a helmet in the enchanting table and use experience levels and lapis lazuli. The Respiration enchantment is available at higher experience levels.
- Anvil and Enchanted Book: Combine a helmet with a book that has the Respiration enchantment.
- Fishing, Chest Loot, and Trading: You can also find enchanted books or helmets with Respiration through fishing, exploring chests in generated structures, or trading with librarian villagers.

What Levels of Respiration Can I Get?

Respiration comes in three levels: Respiration I, II, and III. Each successive level increases the duration you can stay underwater without needing to resurface for air. Respiration III offers the longest duration for underwater breathing.

Can Respiration Be Combined with Other Enchantments?

Yes, Respiration can be combined with other helmet enchantments. Popular combinations include Aqua Affinity, which speeds up underwater mining, and Protection enchantments, which provide additional defense. It's also compatible with Unbreaking and Mending, which help in the durability and longevity of the helmet.

Does Respiration Work with Potions of Water Breathing?

Yes, Respiration works in tandem with Potions of Water Breathing. While the potion allows you to breathe underwater for its duration, Respiration extends this time, offering you a longer period of underwater exploration without the need to resurface.

How Does Respiration Affect Visibility Underwater?

Respiration does not directly affect visibility underwater. However, it allows players to spend more time underwater to explore or work. For improved underwater visibility, consider using the Potion of Night Vision or the Conduit Power effect.

Can Respiration Save Me From Drowning?

Respiration extends the time before you start to drown but does not prevent drowning. Once your air supply depletes, you will start taking drowning damage. It's important to monitor your air supply and resurface or use air pockets when necessary.


The Respiration enchantment in Minecraft is a game-changer for players who love underwater exploration. By understanding how to obtain and effectively use Respiration, players can embark on extended underwater adventures, discover hidden treasures, and construct elaborate underwater structures with greater ease. Always remember to monitor your air supply and combine Respiration with other useful enchantments and potions for the best underwater experience.

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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