Minecraft Server plugins and mods allow you to extend the standard game options of Minecraft. This article will outline how to load them onto your server.

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Step 1: Determine which flavour of Minecraft you need

Start by reviewing the plugin or mods you want to install. The two main versions of Minecraft that use plugins or mods are Forge and Bukkit. The plugin you are looking to install will indicate which server type you will need to have loaded. For example, https://dev.bukkit.org/ lists all the plugins made for Bukkit, and https://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods lists all mods made for Forge.

Step 2: Determine which version of Minecraft you Need

Review the plugin download page and see which version of Minecraft is supported. For example, this plugin download page featured below indicates that the mod only works on version 12.2 of Forge.

You now know which server type and version you need to install on your server.

Step 3:  Login to Multicraft

Login to the Minecraft Control Panel using the email and password sent to you upon signup.

Step 4:  Select Server Jar

Select the corresponding server type and version that your plugin or mods need. If you do not find the version in the list, contact support.

Step 5:  Restart the Server

Step 6: Click on the Files > FTP File Access Menu

Step 7: Create the FTP Account and Login

Step 8: Click on the Plugins or Mods folder

Step 9: Upload the JAR file

Use the Upload menu on the left-hand side to upload the JAR file for the plugin or mod.

Step 10: Restart the Server

Finally, restart the server to load the plugin or mods.

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