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How to fix "Couldn't detect jar version"

How to fix "Couldn't detect jar version"

Minecraft Servers require specific Java versions to run correctly, our system attempts to automatically determine which version to run with, however, isn't always successful. You can manually override this setting.

How to manually override the Java version

Log into our control panel

Open your server view, go into your server's Files tab

Delete the disable_prompt_for_java_version file

Go to the Console tab and start up the server again.

You will be prompted to select a Java version, depending on the Minecraft version you're running, select a version by typing the option number in the Console. You can see the correct version from the table below:

Minecraft VersionOptionJava Version
Forge / Fabric 1.16 and below2Java 8
Vanilla 1.16 and below3Java 11
Paper / spigot 1.16 and below3Java 11
Bungeecord / Waterfall3Java 11
Vanilla 1.17 and above4Java 16
Paper / spigot 1.17 and above4Java 16
Forge / Fabric 1.17 and above4Java 16
Vanilla 1.18 and above5Java 17
Paper / Spigot 1.18 and above5Java 17
Forge / Fabric 1.18 and above5Java 17
Vanilla 1.20.5 and above6Java 21
Paper / Spigot 1.20.5 and above6Java 21
Forge / Fabric 1.20.5 and above6Java 21

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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