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Minecraft Color Codes

In Minecraft, color codes are used to change the color of text in chat, signs, and other text-based elements. These codes are preceded by the "§" symbol (section sign) followed by a specific code.

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Here are some common Minecraft color codes:

- §0: Black
- §1: Dark Blue
- §2: Dark Green
- §3: Dark Aqua (teal)
- §4: Dark Red
- §5: Dark Purple
- §6: Gold
- §7: Gray
- §8: Dark Gray
- §9: Blue
- §a: Green
- §b: Aqua (light blue)
- §c: Red
- §d: Light Purple
- §e: Yellow
- §f: White

To use a color code, simply type it in front of the text you want to color. For example, typing "§cHello" will display "Hello" in red. Note that not all Minecraft platforms and versions may support color codes, so it's essential to check the compatibility with the specific version you are using. Additionally, some servers or plugins may have their own color code systems.

Updated on: 06/01/2024

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