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Adding Workshop Collections to Your Counter-Strike 2 Server

Setting your Steam Game Server Login Token

Counter Strike 2 has game server keys for you to assign. These keys establish an account as the server owner and are used to stop users from violating rules with bot accounts. The keys are required for most game servers using the source engine, and in this case is required for adding workshop maps and collections. The key can expire, but can be regenerated, as long as your account has not been banned.

Go to, make sure you are logged into your steam account.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, set the App ID to 730, which is CS2, and the memo to whatever you'd like.

Once you click create, it'll show you your new game server account:

Copy the Login Token it gives you.

Once you have your Login Token, navigate to your server on the control panel

Click on Configuration > Startup Parameters, then scroll down to Steam Gameserver Login Token and paste your login token into the box.

Setting your Workshop Collection ID

On that same Configuration > Startup Parameters page, paste the ID of the workshop collection into the Workshop Collection ID box.

The ID is the last part of the workshop url:

Once that saves, go to your console and restart the server. Upon restart you can run the command ds_workshop_listmaps to confirm that your maps are loading in.

It'll take a couple minutes for them all to load properly, so wait a moment before trying the command.

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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