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How To Upload a Save To Your The Forest Server

### Logging In
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Finding Your Save File

Uploading from your own computer

You will first want to open 'run' you can either type this in your windows search bar or press Windows + R and the box will pop up.
In that box you will want to type appdata and press enter.

You will then want to follow the following file path
LocalLow > SKS > The Forest

You will see a folder with a long line of numbers, click that and then go into the "SinglePlayer" folder.
In that folder you will see a number of files. They will be called "Slot1, Slot2, Slot3" etc. These are all your saves.
Identify the save you wish to upload and right click > Send to Compressed folder

Uploading Your Save

Login to your control panel here
Once you have selected your server navigate to file management

Scroll down until you see a folder called "TheForestDedicatedServer_DataMultiplayer" and open it.

Open that folder and you should see a file called "Slot1" rename that to Slot1old or something along those lines if you intend to keep that save.
Now press upload on the left hand side and choose the folder you compressed earlier.
Once uploaded press the 3 dots next to the upload file name and select "Decompress"
Once Decompressed rename to the file to Slot1.

You should now be able to start your server with your uploaded save file!

Updated on: 29/12/2023

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