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How to Upload a Palworld Save

Getting Started

First things first, it's crucial to start your server and let it run for approximately 15 minutes. This allows the creation of the GameUserSettings.ini file, a key component for loading the correct savegame.

Note: Due to how the game works, the host player's data on the local save will be lost. There is a tool to fix this on GitHub: The process of doing this is fairly complex though, so only proceed if you know what you're doing, we will not be able to provide support for this program.

Finding your savegame

You'll need to locate your savegame on your PC, to do this press Win+R, and paste this %localappdata%/Pal/Saved/SaveGames/. That'll open the File Explorer in the correct folder.

To know which save is which, open the save in game, then exit it, that'll update the 'Date modified' in the File Explorer for the correct save.

Let's get it on the server:

Stop your server. Ensure that the server status reads 'Offline'.

Connect to your server using SFTP. You'll find the necessary login details in the SFTP Details tab on the panel. Follow this guide on how to connect over SFTP.
In your SFTP Client (usually FileZilla), navigate to this folder: /Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0

Drag and drop your savegame from File Explorer into the folder in FileZilla

Modifying the Config file

Next up, let's update the GameUserSettings.ini file. Using the File Manager on the control panel, locate the file it in the following directory:

Open the file, look for the line that reads:

Replace the current string with the folder name of your new save-game, for instance:

Don't forget to save your changes!

Lastly, start up your server and let the gaming adventure begin anew. Enjoy your Palworld experience to the fullest!

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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