This tutorial is for servers running on our 'Legacy Control Panel', all servers created from 1st August 2020 use our new control panel, here is our updated guide: How do I manage my files with SFTP?

FileZilla is a piece of free to use software for accessing and managing your server files. It's recommended for when you are uploading bigger worlds and files, this guide will show you how manage files with Filezilla.

How to:

Download and install FileZilla on your computer here.

Ensure that you download the FileZilla Client, and not FileZilla Server.

Login to the Minecraft Server Manager

Click on Files > FTP File Access

Enter the details displayed on the FTP File Access page into FileZilla as shown below. Your FTP password is the same as your control panel password.

FTP Server Login details

FileZilla FTP details

Click "Quickconnect" on FileZilla and wait for it to successfully connect.

Once you see files appear in the right hand box you have successfully connected to your server and may now manage your files via FTP!
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