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How to Connect to An Ark Server

In this article, we'll show you how to join an Ark: Survival Evolved server.

Steam Setup

Your server IP can be found on the homepage of the control panel. Replace the port number (the 4 digit number at the end of the address) with the "query port" found on the Startup Parameters page of the control panel when adding the server.

Open Steam

Click on the View > Servers menu

Click on the Favorites menu and click the Add A Server button

Add your server's query IP in the format of IP:Port

Click Add Server

Epic Games Setup

Battleeye must be disabled in the startup parameters for connections on Epic Games to work. The server must also not have any mods installed.

Join a single-player game of ARK.

Click Tab to open the console.

Type: open IP:Port and press enter, replacing IP:Port with your server's IP and port information.

If your server has a password, enter the full console by hitting tab twice and enter OPEN IP_ADDRESS:PORT?PASSWORD replacing password with your server password.

Updated on: 29/12/2023

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