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Getting Started with your Satisfactory Server

Logging In

When you complete your order, you'll receive a separate email with details on how to create your account for our control panel,

Click the Setup Your Account button to create a password and begin using your server.

Finding Your Server IP and Port

Once logged in to the Control Panel, on the homepage you will see your server IP:

The server's IP are the first few sets of characters (Numbers, letters) that come before the : . In this example, the server's IP is but your Server IP may be one of our domains, such as

To find your server Port, click on the 'Manage' button, and then navigate over to the Startup Parameters page, under the Configuration tab.

Once there, scroll down to find the 'Server Query Port' box, and copy the contents of the field box.

This is the Port that you will use to connect to your server.

Starting Your Server

Once you are logged in to the Control Panel, navigate to your server's Console page and press the Start button to begin using your server.

Connecting to Your Server

Copy your server IP from the homepage of the server management system.

In-game, click on 'Server Manager', and 'Add Server'.

Enter the information collected during the first part of the guide, and click on Confirm. (Make sure to use the IP from the Homepage, and the Port specified on the Server Query Port field).

Using any Port other than the Server Query Port will result in not being able to connect to the server.

If everything is correct, you will then be connected to your server and asked to claim the server by choosing a server name as well as an admin password to use.

The last step is creating a new session to play in, and selecting a starting area.

You can modify your server's setting from this screen, though you'll need the admin password to do so.

You should now be all set up and ready to play in your Server! If you are experiencing any issues in joining, claiming, or connecting to your server, please reach out to us via livechat and we'll gladly assist.

Updated on: 05/01/2022

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