Now that you have purchased your server from us, it is time for you to learn about some of the administrative options you have available, to allow you to be in full control of your server!

Controlling your Minecraft Server

Upon purchase of your server, you will have received an email from us containing the information required for logging into Multicraft, the panel you use to control your new Minecraft server. Within the email you will see something similar to this:

These are the login details for your control panel account, enter them on our Control Panel, please treat them with care, anyone with these details can modify your server.

Connecting to your New Server

Copy your server IP from the ‘Minecraft Server Login Information’ email we sent you

Add a new server in Minecraft with that IP and port, the name can be anything you like:

Click on ‘Save’ and that’s it! You have successfully added the connection to your server.

Operator (/OP)

What is OP?

Operator status (OP) is what allows you to be able to control your Minecraft server from within the game, think of it as cheats from singleplayer.

How do I OP myself?

During the process of purchasing your server, there was a field that allowed you to enter your Minecraft username, this was so that our system could automatically make you an OP of your server.

If you entered this information correctly, then you are already an operator (OP), and do not need to follow these steps, however, if you would like to add a friend as an operator, or an alt account then follow these steps:

Login to Multicraft (
Navigate to your console, and type ‘op username’, replacing username with the username of the person you would like to be an operator, as seen below:![](
That’s it! Your or your friend is now an operator (OP).

Custom World Seeds

What is a seed?

A seed is a string of numbers that are used by the Minecraft world generator to determine what your world will look like.

How do I see my current seed?

You can find out your current seed by doing ‘/seed’ in game, or from the console, by typing ‘seed’.

How do I change my seed?

You can change your seed on the server control panel, by following these steps:

Open the Files menu and select ‘Config Files’

Open ‘Server Settings’

3\. Change ‘Level Seed’ to your new seed

4\. Go back to your server overview page and rename your world

5\. Restart your server.
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